SACS Accreditation Review Project Leadership Team

Dr. George H. Van Allen, President

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Ellen J. Wed, Vice President for Academic Affairs

SACS Liaison Officer


Mr. Ted M. Washington, Assoc Vice President for Planning and Assessment

SACS Compliance Certification Officer


Dr. Margaret Faye Jones, Dean of Learning Resource Center

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Committee Chair


Ms. Debra Bauer, Vice President

Finance and Administrative Services


Ms. Valerie Belew, Dean

English and Humanities


Dr. Jim Johnson, Dean

Information and Engineering Technologies


Dr. Jennifer Knapp, Dean

Mathematics and Science


Ms. Lori Maddox, Director

Human Resources


Dr. Pamela Munz, Dean

Social and Life Sciences


Ms. Karen Stevenson, Dean

Applied Arts


Ms. Jennifer Wolkonowski, Director

Developmental Studies, Institutional Research Analyst


For questions associated with the process and documents, please contact Dr. Ellen Weed, Vice President for Academic Affairs, at (615) 353-3326 or email