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MLA Documentation--Research Skills

A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker
Textbook online to help in referencing correctly, writing papers, cite sources used for papers, grammar, punctuation, etc.
Michelle Adkerson’s resources on MLA style, presentations, and word usage for writing; faculty at NSCC.
Michele Singletary’s Home Page on MLA Works Cited; faculty at NSCC.
Amherst Writing Center
Writing and editing effectively, helpful sources for grammar, style, writing mechanics, plagiarism and intellectual responsibility from Amherst.
Online service on plagiarism and discouraging scholarly dishonesty and cheating.
The Owl at Purdue - Avoiding Plagiarism
This resource offers advice on how to avoid plagiarism in your work.
This website deals with the importance of plagiarism and paraphrasing.

Legal Issues (copyright website)
This website includes registration, visual, audio, digital, law, public domain, fair use regarding copyright law.
This website deals with copyright information, fees, law and policy, registering a work, licensing.
This website gives information on the Berne Convention for Protection of Literacy and Artistic Works, Paris Text 1971.
This website provides legislative information from Library of Congress, i.e. bills, resolutions, congress activity, treaties, etc. (intellectual property)
World Intellectual Property Organization. Contents of this website include news, information, activities, services on intellectual property.

Biology and Microbiology
National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, The Visible Human Project.  Anatomically detailed representations of male and female human bodies.
Human Anatomy Online by Human anatomy animations of the body systems.
This website includes cell biology information and quiz.

Help with chemistry solutions/problems developed by Professor George Wicer at California State University, Dominguez Hills Campus.
Tutorial applicable to high school chemistry.
University of Sheffield, Dept. of Chemistry, introduces VSEPR (Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion) rules for prediction of molecular shape.


English as a Second Language at Rice University
Rice University in Houston, TX offers ESL student resources in studying, practicing English, 6-level ESL program and Communication Skills
Programs in Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, and Spanish.
Common grammar definitions, exercises and handouts, tips and rules, feedback and site creator information from Robin L. Simmons for ESL and non ESL students.
This website for English learners includes links, handouts, pronunciation, activities, tips, and listening areas by Sharon Widmayer and Holly Gray.


Provides directions to and from a location.
Provides information on health topics such as first aid and ER, drugs, cancer, diabetes, BP, heatstroke, losing weight, eating healthy and pain, etc.

General References

Information on literature, reference, verse, books fiction and non fiction.
Internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
View works of art, calendar, art/architecture of medieval Europe, educational resources, events and programs, etc.
National Public Radio. Non-commercial talk, news, entertainment, and special feature agendas.
United Kingdom news website.
Public Broadcast System. Support PBS for programs and education for enrichment in your life.
Shares knowledge and past history and current news, and trivia.

MLA style, grammar/punctuation, style, presentations, and word usage by Michelle Adkerson, NSCC faculty.

Learning Strategies, Study Skills

Middle Tennessee State University: Study Help Page
Learning strategies for success, study skills help guide, developed by Dr. Carolyn Hopper at MTSU.

Learning Styles
Learning disabilities pride website by Liz Bogod on learning styles, multiple intelligence, and learning disabilities.
Capella University Online offers 650 online courses in 70 specialized areas. Established in 1993.

Harvey Mudd College online tutorials for calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations.
Automatic calculus and algebra help in derivatives, integrals, graphs, matrices, determinants, linear equations systems, powered by WebMathematica.
Animated interaction with algebra online with exercises/examples in absolute value, signed numbers, exponents, variables, solving equations, factoring, graphing, inequalities, etc.
Modules in calculus areas such as pre-calculus, limits and continuity, derivatives, applications of differentiation, integration, sequences and series.
Math review in algebra, trig, calculus, differential equations, variables, matrix algebra, tables, etc.
The Purplemath Forums: Helping students gain understanding and self-confidence in algebra with online tutoring and lessons. Learn from a teacher, practice with a teacher, test yourself, and drill.
Kahn Academy: Practice math at your own pace in an adaptive assessment environment, working your way from 1 + 1 to culculus or jump into whatever topic needs some brushing up.

Nursing Entrance Exam Online Course (Test Prep Review)


Tutorials, remedial simulations, etc.
Graphing, trig, graphing paper, logarithms, algebra, etc. as remedial; tutorials in DC Circuits, Harmonic motion, torque and rotational motion, etc.; MathCAD exercises; and Biophysics tutor problem solutions and self-tests.
Physics topics and links
Physics news, jobs and resources are found on this website.

Purdue Online Writing Lab
Purdue University OWL (Online Writing Lab) includes handouts, interactive practice exercises for writing, grammar, ESL, parts of speech, job search and resume information, business writing.

Research Online

Library of Congress
Business Reference Services, Evaluating Internet Resources

Resources for Web Development

For beginners, builders and masters in producing web resources; developments; and website.
Dr. Dobbs Journal sharing information for software development and explore new technologies.


Translates languages by typing in a block of text.

Test Prep Review
A free source for many, many, many test practices such as ACT, SAT, Praxis, Compass, CLEP, GED, NCLEX, GRE,etc.

Click Get ready for your ACCUPLACER test on right side of web page to get the free web-based study app.


Typing Tutor
Online typing games. - search ‘online typing games’
Online typing resources and websites to pick from to practice typing.

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