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NSCC / Sage Partnership

SAGE Nashville State Community College (NSCC) and The Sage Group, LLC are pleased to announce a new program, whereby students, who are enrolled at NSCC and who successfully complete Sage courses can now receive college credit toward a degree program at Nashville State. The Sage courses must have been evaluated by the National College Credit Recommendation Service and have received college-level credit recommendations.

The goal of both The Sage Group and Nashville State is to assist students in developing the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for effectiveness in their careers.

The Sage Group has been providing workforce-training services for many years. In 1988, the company was founded as the Pace Group and established its reputation for excellent customer service and relationship building. In 1998 after two acquisition processes, the company was bought by the current ownership in Nashville, Tennessee and became The Sage Group, LLC.

The Sage Group currently has eight offices nationwide serving Fortune 500 clients. The company employs more than 150 facilitators, located nationwide, who deliver training courses either on-site or in convenient locations.

National College Credit Recommendation Service

Benefits of the partnership to Sage students
Sage students who enroll at Nashville State can receive up to 30 credits toward an A.A.S. degree in General Technology upon successful completion of approved Sage courses.

Sage courses appropriate for a degree in General Technology with a concentration in Technology:

NOTE: Course numbers on transcripts may reflect different prefixes depending upon where a course is offered.

CIS 1727 MS Office Trilogy Basic
CIS 1728 MS Office Trilogy Intermediate
CIS 1729 MS Office Trilogy Advanced
CIS 1730 MS Office Word Basic
CIS 1731 MS Office Word Intermediate
CIS 1732 MS Office Word Advanced
CIS 1733 MS Office Excel Basic
CIS 1734 MS Office Excel Intermediate
CIS 1735 MS Office Excel Advanced
CIS 1736 MS Office PowerPoint Basic
CIS 1737 MS Office PowerPoint Intermediate
CIS 1738 MS Office Outlook Basic
CIS 1739 MS Office Outlook Intermediate
CIS 1741 Cloud+ (334)
CIS 1742 Cloud + Part 1 (334/1)
CIS 1743 Cloud + Part 2 (334/2)
TCOM 1725 Mobility + Part 1 (327/1)
TCOM 1726 Mobility + Part 2 (327/2)
TCOM 1727 Mobility + Part 3 (327/3)
CIS 1744 CompTIA Cloud Essentials Pt 1 (324/1)
CIS 1745 CompTIA Cloud Essentials Pt 2 (324/2)
CIS 1746 CompTIA Cloud Essentials Pt 3 (324/3)
TCOM 1728 Long Term Evo. & 4G Fund. Pt 1 (329/1)
TCOM 1729 Long Term Evo. & 4G Fund. Pt 2 (329/2)
TCOM 1730 Long Term Evo. & 4G Fund. Pt 3 (329/3)
A+ Essentials Part 1 (225/1)
A+ Essentials Part 2 (225/2)
A+ Certification: Core Hardware (093A)
A+ Certification: OS Technologies (093B)
A+ Certification Test Preparation (O93)
A+ Practical Applications (228)
Advanced Security Professional (335)
Basic Electricity (087)
Basic Electronics (Bell South) (091)
Beginning Spanish (206)
Business Software Introduction Level 1 (275)
Business Software Introduction Level 2 (275/2)
Call Center Management (105)
CCNA Cisco Networking (082)
Cisco Certified Network Associate: Part One (231)
Cisco Certified Network Associate: Part Two (232)
Cisco Certified Network Associate: Part One EAP (233)
Cisco Certified Network Associate: Part Two EAP (234)
Cisco Certified Network Associate: Part Three EAP (235)
Cisco Certified Network Associate: Part Four EAP (236)
CompTIACloud Essentials (324)
CompTIA® Healthcare IT Tech (283)
Computer Support and Maintenance (O92)
Continental Cuisine (332)
Convergence Technologies (216C)
CPT Coding (255)
Critical Thinking Skills (088)
CTKT Series (900/1)
Culinary Arts Principles (289)
Culinary Arts Baking (310)
Culinary Arts Entrees (311)
Customer Relationship Management (106)
CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator) (219)
Data Communications (O85)
Data Networking (216A)
DHTI Series (292-296)
Digital Communications and Computer Literacy (Bell South) (090)
Digital Subscriber Line (086)
Digital Technology Skills (204)
Essentials of Pharmacology (273)
Excellence in Service (107)
Fiber Cust. Sup. Analyst & Network Tech Series (500)
Fiber Optics (080)
Fiber Optics (080/2)
Fiber Optics: Part One (238)
Fiber Optics: Part Two (239)
Fiber Optics w/FTTP (080/4)
Fiber Optics Series (307-309)
FTTX Concepts (080/5)
Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology (272)
Fundamentals of Networking (O94)
Fusion Splicing (080/3)
Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning (285)
ICD Coding (264)
Intermediate Spanish - Part A (217A)
Intermediate Spanish - Part B (217B)
Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies: Building a Network (218/1)
Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies: Configuring and Managing a Network (218/2)
Introduction to Medical Billing & Coding/Insurance & Reimbursement (251)
Introduction to Medical Terminology (253)
Intro to Paralegalism (314)
Intro to Photovoltaic Systems (254)
Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices: Routing and Switching (218/3)
Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices: Security and the WAN (218/4)
Introduction to Wireless Communications (081)
Locksmithing Fundamentals (313)
Long Term Evolution & 4G Fund. (329)
Medical Legal Issues (274)
Mobility+ (327)
Network+ Certification (094)
Network+ Certification: Part 1 (094/1)
Network+ Certification: Part 2 (094/2)
Network Security Fundamentals: Part 1 (220A)
Network Security Fundamentals: Part 2 (220B)
Plumbing Design and Installation (290)
Printreading (288)
Quickbooks Pro and Premier (319)
Radio Communications Operations (320)
Residential Wind Turbine Installer (325)
Security Awareness (222)
Small Engine Repair (286)
Spanish Interpreting Fundamentals (312)
Structured Cabling (221)
Telecommunications Math Skills (230)
Telephony Networking (216B)
Tractor-Trailer Driving Training (284)
VoIP Convergence Technologies Series (216)
Web Development (210)
Welding Fabrication (326)
Welding Skills (287)
Wireless Technology (338)

In addition up to 15 substitution credits can be received for Sage courses which have been reviewed and determined to be approved substitutes for specific courses in the General Technology program. These will be reviewed and awarded on a case-by-case basis.

For other degree programs at Nashville State, the number of possible substitute credits will be determined and awarded on a case-by-case basis.

How to participate in the program
Participation in this program requires two steps:

1. Enrollment in a degree program at Nashville State. For more information about enrolling at Nashville State, click here.

2. Successful completion of Sage courses appropriate for the degree program in which the student is enrolled. For more information on how to enroll in these courses at Sage, click here.

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