Official event poster

Official Event Poster
Credit: Erik Martez

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About the Showcase

The Visual Communications Portfolio Showcase is an event where our Graphic Design, Multimedia, Photography, and Web Design students show off their best work. Typically, the showcase is a physical event, held in the Art Gallery of the H Building on the main campus at 120 White Bridge Rd. Nashville, TN 37209. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, all campuses have been closed. All classes were moved to an online format. As a result, the physical showcase was cancelled for this year.

Below, you will find links to the students that were to participate in this year showcase. We enourage you visit each students' portfolio. If available, their Linkedin profile is also available.


Graphic Design

Bennett, Kailyn

Bradford, Brooke

Davenport, Tabria

Edwards, Landon

Gragg, Christopher

Holsey, Erika

Martez, Erik

Roman, Emmanuel

Terrell, Demonte

Multimedia/Web Design

All of the following Multimedia and Web Design students in this section acted as a team during the Spring 2020 Practicum to produce the following website as part of their portfolios:

Hicks, Brenna

Jenkins, Victoria

  • Discipline: Multimedia Design
  • Portfolio | Linkedin

Ledda, Mico

Pittman, Stephanie

Rivera, Jennifer

  • Discipline: Multimedia
  • Portfolio | Linkedin

VanBendegon, Jacob


photograph of parents holding up their children to sky.

Duvan, Abi

photograph of woman in blue gown and matching blue butterfly hair clips looking straight ahead at camera. Matching blue butterflies are also down her left arm.

Hopkins, Brandon

Photograph of older gentleman sitting with his coffee cup at a dining room table.

Petrie, Lori

Photo of young man in ripped jeans sitting holding a basketball in place on the ground. Man is looking into camera.

Upshaw, Sheila

Black and White photo of young woman with her daughter posing in front of a colonial-style capitol building.

Vogus, Jen


For information on the Visual Communication Portfolio Showcase event, please contact the following:

  • Media Contact: Lauren Bell, Executive Director, Development and Public Affairs,, 615-353-3743
  • Multimedia: Dale Rogers,
  • Photography: Emily Naff,
  • Graphic Design: David Weilmuenster,