"Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be."
Henry David Thoreau





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Credits & Acknowledgments

Banner Designs
Thanks to Priscilla K. Nash for the six banner designs that show up on this site and around the Student Services building at the Nashville campus. Ms. Nash teaches Graphic Design and Communications courses for Nashville State.

The majority of materials and links that appear in the Think About ... pages come from Nashville State's NSCC 1000 College Success course. Thanks are due to Dr. Annette McCreedy, as well as Dawn Fears, Aleece Bell, and many others for developing and adapting these materials.

NSCC 1000 College Success is a college-credit course that helps new students become college students at a whole new level of awareness, interaction, and critical thinking. The course is open to everyone and, as Dr. McCreedy explains in this video, focuses on three primary areas: Advising, Study Skills, and Job Readiness.

Other materials originate from Kimberly Wood, Director of the Career Employment Center, and her staff.

Thanks are due to Michele Buc for her excellent PR and communications skills as we developed this campaign.

Think About Committee
We are fortunate at Nashville State to work with professionals who care so much about helping our students succeed. Thanks go to Michelle Buc; Dawn Fears, Dr. Faye Jones, Dr. Carol Martin-Osorio, Priscilla Nash, Mary Rosenthal, Bridgette Weir, Donna Whitehouse, and Kimberly Wood.

Blame all mistakes and amateurish errors on: Michelle.Adkerson @ nscc.edu, and please report broken links to her address.

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