Web Applications Developer

In this program, students use multiple tools and technologies to develop state-of-the-art web applications. The program is broken into 10 modules designed to teach all the fundamentals of developing and maintaining database-driven Web sites. The program begins with learning basic HTML, the core technology behind almost all websites. Students also master using CSS to design pages and discover how to make the site more dynamic with JavaScript. Then students dive into PHP and SQL, technologies that allow them to create database-driven websites such as intranets and e-commerce sites. Then, learn the basics of XML, a technology that’s helpful in all programming including web development. Next, students create Ajax applications that respond more like traditional desktop software, giving users a faster and more interactive experience. The course will end by exploring HTML5, the newest version of HTML, putting you on the cutting edge of web development. This all-in-one package will teach students every skill needed to be proficient in creating database-driven websites. Once students successfully complete this program, they'll be prepared to enter the job market where Web Applications Developers are in high demand and earn rewarding salaries. Students will no longer be required to take a final exam after completing the coursework. The final exam has been replaced with a final project that will involve using all the skills and technologies learned throughout the program to build a website from the ground up.

Notes:Hours increased from 267 to 360 2/2013 to program inprovements and assessment changes implemented to enhance the learning experience and provide an opportunity for practical application of the concepts learned throughout the program.

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