The Complete Project Manager with CAPM® and PMP® Prep

Dates: April 30 - October 30, 2018

Meets: M, Tu, W, Th and F from 12 M to 12:00 AM

Registration Fee: $1,995.00

The Complete Project Manager with CAPM® and PMP® Prep online training program provides you with a thorough understanding of project management by combining the Essentials of Project Management with Mastering Project Management programs together. In the Essentials of Project Management portion, you will gain a solid foundation of project management concepts and learn important terminology. This program is essential for anyone wanting a comprehensive training in project management. This program is based on PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) ®. This program presents material sequentially as it will likely occur in actual projects. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of how to apply project management concepts, in addition to any specific variations between them. Key and critical topics are explored in depth as they are appropriate for a more intermediate and advanced level understanding. You will learn about project selection, developing project strategies, creating a schedule model, statusing and forecasting, project recovery, and more. This program meets or exceeds the educational requirements for those interested in the Project Management Professional PMP® and CAPM® certifications.


Please Note: Once this class is paid for and you have recieved your books, there are NO REFUNDS.
Fee: $1,995.00

Date Day Time Location
04/30/2018Monday12M to 12M
05/01/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
05/02/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
05/03/2018Thursday12M to 12M
05/04/2018Friday12M to 12M
05/07/2018Monday12M to 12M
05/08/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
05/09/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
05/10/2018Thursday12M to 12M
05/11/2018Friday12M to 12M
05/14/2018Monday12M to 12M
05/15/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
05/16/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
05/17/2018Thursday12M to 12M
05/18/2018Friday12M to 12M
05/21/2018Monday12M to 12M
05/22/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
05/23/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
05/24/2018Thursday12M to 12M
05/25/2018Friday12M to 12M
05/28/2018Monday12M to 12M
05/29/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
05/30/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
05/31/2018Thursday12M to 12M
06/01/2018Friday12M to 12M
06/04/2018Monday12M to 12M
06/05/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
06/06/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
06/07/2018Thursday12M to 12M
06/08/2018Friday12M to 12M
06/11/2018Monday12M to 12M
06/12/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
06/13/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
06/14/2018Thursday12M to 12M
06/15/2018Friday12M to 12M
06/18/2018Monday12M to 12M
06/19/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
06/20/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
06/21/2018Thursday12M to 12M
06/22/2018Friday12M to 12M
06/25/2018Monday12M to 12M
06/26/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
06/27/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
06/28/2018Thursday12M to 12M
06/29/2018Friday12M to 12M
07/02/2018Monday12M to 12M
07/03/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
07/04/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
07/05/2018Thursday12M to 12M
07/06/2018Friday12M to 12M
07/09/2018Monday12M to 12M
07/10/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
07/11/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
07/12/2018Thursday12M to 12M
07/13/2018Friday12M to 12M
07/16/2018Monday12M to 12M
07/17/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
07/18/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
07/19/2018Thursday12M to 12M
07/20/2018Friday12M to 12M
07/23/2018Monday12M to 12M
07/24/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
07/25/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
07/26/2018Thursday12M to 12M
07/27/2018Friday12M to 12M
07/30/2018Monday12M to 12M
07/31/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
08/01/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
08/02/2018Thursday12M to 12M
08/03/2018Friday12M to 12M
08/06/2018Monday12M to 12M
08/07/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
08/08/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
08/09/2018Thursday12M to 12M
08/10/2018Friday12M to 12M
08/13/2018Monday12M to 12M
08/14/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
08/15/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
08/16/2018Thursday12M to 12M
08/17/2018Friday12M to 12M
08/20/2018Monday12M to 12M
08/21/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
08/22/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
08/23/2018Thursday12M to 12M
08/24/2018Friday12M to 12M
08/27/2018Monday12M to 12M
08/28/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
08/29/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
08/30/2018Thursday12M to 12M
08/31/2018Friday12M to 12M
09/03/2018Monday12M to 12M
09/04/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
09/05/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
09/06/2018Thursday12M to 12M
09/07/2018Friday12M to 12M
09/10/2018Monday12M to 12M
09/11/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
09/12/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
09/13/2018Thursday12M to 12M
09/14/2018Friday12M to 12M
09/17/2018Monday12M to 12M
09/18/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
09/19/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
09/20/2018Thursday12M to 12M
09/21/2018Friday12M to 12M
09/24/2018Monday12M to 12M
09/25/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
09/26/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
09/27/2018Thursday12M to 12M
09/28/2018Friday12M to 12M
10/01/2018Monday12M to 12M
10/02/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
10/03/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
10/04/2018Thursday12M to 12M
10/05/2018Friday12M to 12M
10/08/2018Monday12M to 12M
10/09/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
10/10/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
10/11/2018Thursday12M to 12M
10/12/2018Friday12M to 12M
10/15/2018Monday12M to 12M
10/16/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
10/17/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
10/18/2018Thursday12M to 12M
10/19/2018Friday12M to 12M
10/22/2018Monday12M to 12M
10/23/2018Tuesday12M to 12M
10/24/2018Wednesday12M to 12M
10/25/2018Thursday12M to 12M
10/26/2018Friday12M to 12M
10/29/2018Monday12M to 12M
10/30/2018Tuesday12M to 12M


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