CompTIA Certification: A+, Network+, & Security + (Voucher Included)

Dates: March 24, 2021 - March 24, 2022

Meets: W, Th, F, M and Tu from 12 M to 12:00 AM

Registration Fee: $3,995.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.

his program will prepare you for CompTIA™ A+, Security+ and Network+ certifications. These credentials will assure employers that you are competent in PC troubleshooting and repair, in addition to validating your skills in security and network concepts. You will demonstrate competence with topics such as security attacks, mitigation, and disaster recovery, in addition to mastering skills that involve network design, routing, and switching. Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive exam vouchers for 220-801, 220-802, N10-006, and SY0-401 at no additional cost.


Please Note: Once class is paid for and you have received your books--there are NO REFUNDS.
Fee: $3,995.00

Date Day Time Location
03/24/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
03/25/2021Thursday12M to 12M
03/26/2021Friday12M to 12M
03/29/2021Monday12M to 12M
03/30/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
03/31/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
04/01/2021Thursday12M to 12M
04/02/2021Friday12M to 12M
04/05/2021Monday12M to 12M
04/06/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
04/07/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
04/08/2021Thursday12M to 12M
04/09/2021Friday12M to 12M
04/12/2021Monday12M to 12M
04/13/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
04/14/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
04/15/2021Thursday12M to 12M
04/16/2021Friday12M to 12M
04/19/2021Monday12M to 12M
04/20/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
04/21/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
04/22/2021Thursday12M to 12M
04/23/2021Friday12M to 12M
04/26/2021Monday12M to 12M
04/27/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
04/28/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
04/29/2021Thursday12M to 12M
04/30/2021Friday12M to 12M
05/03/2021Monday12M to 12M
05/04/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
05/05/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
05/06/2021Thursday12M to 12M
05/07/2021Friday12M to 12M
05/10/2021Monday12M to 12M
05/11/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
05/12/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
05/13/2021Thursday12M to 12M
05/14/2021Friday12M to 12M
05/17/2021Monday12M to 12M
05/18/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
05/19/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
05/20/2021Thursday12M to 12M
05/21/2021Friday12M to 12M
05/24/2021Monday12M to 12M
05/25/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
05/26/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
05/27/2021Thursday12M to 12M
05/28/2021Friday12M to 12M
05/31/2021Monday12M to 12M
06/01/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
06/02/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
06/03/2021Thursday12M to 12M
06/04/2021Friday12M to 12M
06/07/2021Monday12M to 12M
06/08/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
06/09/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
06/10/2021Thursday12M to 12M
06/11/2021Friday12M to 12M
06/14/2021Monday12M to 12M
06/15/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
06/16/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
06/17/2021Thursday12M to 12M
06/18/2021Friday12M to 12M
06/21/2021Monday12M to 12M
06/22/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
06/23/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
06/24/2021Thursday12M to 12M
06/25/2021Friday12M to 12M
06/28/2021Monday12M to 12M
06/29/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
06/30/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
07/01/2021Thursday12M to 12M
07/02/2021Friday12M to 12M
07/05/2021Monday12M to 12M
07/06/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
07/07/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
07/08/2021Thursday12M to 12M
07/09/2021Friday12M to 12M
07/12/2021Monday12M to 12M
07/13/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
07/14/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
07/15/2021Thursday12M to 12M
07/16/2021Friday12M to 12M
07/19/2021Monday12M to 12M
07/20/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
07/21/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
07/22/2021Thursday12M to 12M
07/23/2021Friday12M to 12M
07/26/2021Monday12M to 12M
07/27/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
07/28/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
07/29/2021Thursday12M to 12M
07/30/2021Friday12M to 12M
08/02/2021Monday12M to 12M
08/03/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
08/04/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
08/05/2021Thursday12M to 12M
08/06/2021Friday12M to 12M
08/09/2021Monday12M to 12M
08/10/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
08/11/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
08/12/2021Thursday12M to 12M
08/13/2021Friday12M to 12M
08/16/2021Monday12M to 12M
08/17/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
08/18/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
08/19/2021Thursday12M to 12M
08/20/2021Friday12M to 12M
08/23/2021Monday12M to 12M
08/24/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
08/25/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
08/26/2021Thursday12M to 12M
08/27/2021Friday12M to 12M
08/30/2021Monday12M to 12M
08/31/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
09/01/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
09/02/2021Thursday12M to 12M
09/03/2021Friday12M to 12M
09/06/2021Monday12M to 12M
09/07/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
09/08/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
09/09/2021Thursday12M to 12M
09/10/2021Friday12M to 12M
09/13/2021Monday12M to 12M
09/14/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
09/15/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
09/16/2021Thursday12M to 12M
09/17/2021Friday12M to 12M
09/20/2021Monday12M to 12M
09/21/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
09/22/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
09/23/2021Thursday12M to 12M
09/24/2021Friday12M to 12M
09/27/2021Monday12M to 12M
09/28/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
09/29/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
09/30/2021Thursday12M to 12M
10/01/2021Friday12M to 12M
10/04/2021Monday12M to 12M
10/05/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
10/06/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
10/07/2021Thursday12M to 12M
10/08/2021Friday12M to 12M
10/11/2021Monday12M to 12M
10/12/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
10/13/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
10/14/2021Thursday12M to 12M
10/15/2021Friday12M to 12M
10/18/2021Monday12M to 12M
10/19/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
10/20/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
10/21/2021Thursday12M to 12M
10/22/2021Friday12M to 12M
10/25/2021Monday12M to 12M
10/26/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
10/27/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
10/28/2021Thursday12M to 12M
10/29/2021Friday12M to 12M
11/01/2021Monday12M to 12M
11/02/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
11/03/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
11/04/2021Thursday12M to 12M
11/05/2021Friday12M to 12M
11/08/2021Monday12M to 12M
11/09/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
11/10/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
11/11/2021Thursday12M to 12M
11/12/2021Friday12M to 12M
11/15/2021Monday12M to 12M
11/16/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
11/17/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
11/18/2021Thursday12M to 12M
11/19/2021Friday12M to 12M
11/22/2021Monday12M to 12M
11/23/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
11/24/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
11/25/2021Thursday12M to 12M
11/26/2021Friday12M to 12M
11/29/2021Monday12M to 12M
11/30/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
12/01/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
12/02/2021Thursday12M to 12M
12/03/2021Friday12M to 12M
12/06/2021Monday12M to 12M
12/07/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
12/08/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
12/09/2021Thursday12M to 12M
12/10/2021Friday12M to 12M
12/13/2021Monday12M to 12M
12/14/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
12/15/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
12/16/2021Thursday12M to 12M
12/17/2021Friday12M to 12M
12/20/2021Monday12M to 12M
12/21/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
12/22/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
12/23/2021Thursday12M to 12M
12/24/2021Friday12M to 12M
12/27/2021Monday12M to 12M
12/28/2021Tuesday12M to 12M
12/29/2021Wednesday12M to 12M
12/30/2021Thursday12M to 12M
12/31/2021Friday12M to 12M
01/03/2022Monday12M to 12M
01/04/2022Tuesday12M to 12M
01/05/2022Wednesday12M to 12M
01/06/2022Thursday12M to 12M
01/07/2022Friday12M to 12M
01/10/2022Monday12M to 12M
01/11/2022Tuesday12M to 12M
01/12/2022Wednesday12M to 12M
01/13/2022Thursday12M to 12M
01/14/2022Friday12M to 12M
01/17/2022Monday12M to 12M
01/18/2022Tuesday12M to 12M
01/19/2022Wednesday12M to 12M
01/20/2022Thursday12M to 12M
01/21/2022Friday12M to 12M
01/24/2022Monday12M to 12M
01/25/2022Tuesday12M to 12M
01/26/2022Wednesday12M to 12M
01/27/2022Thursday12M to 12M
01/28/2022Friday12M to 12M
01/31/2022Monday12M to 12M
02/01/2022Tuesday12M to 12M
02/02/2022Wednesday12M to 12M
02/03/2022Thursday12M to 12M
02/04/2022Friday12M to 12M
02/07/2022Monday12M to 12M
02/08/2022Tuesday12M to 12M
02/09/2022Wednesday12M to 12M
02/10/2022Thursday12M to 12M
02/11/2022Friday12M to 12M
02/14/2022Monday12M to 12M
02/15/2022Tuesday12M to 12M
02/16/2022Wednesday12M to 12M
02/17/2022Thursday12M to 12M
02/18/2022Friday12M to 12M
02/21/2022Monday12M to 12M
02/22/2022Tuesday12M to 12M
02/23/2022Wednesday12M to 12M
02/24/2022Thursday12M to 12M
02/25/2022Friday12M to 12M
02/28/2022Monday12M to 12M
03/01/2022Tuesday12M to 12M
03/02/2022Wednesday12M to 12M
03/03/2022Thursday12M to 12M
03/04/2022Friday12M to 12M
03/07/2022Monday12M to 12M
03/08/2022Tuesday12M to 12M
03/09/2022Wednesday12M to 12M
03/10/2022Thursday12M to 12M
03/11/2022Friday12M to 12M
03/14/2022Monday12M to 12M
03/15/2022Tuesday12M to 12M
03/16/2022Wednesday12M to 12M
03/17/2022Thursday12M to 12M
03/18/2022Friday12M to 12M
03/21/2022Monday12M to 12M
03/22/2022Tuesday12M to 12M
03/23/2022Wednesday12M to 12M
03/24/2022Thursday12M to 12M


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