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Web Design

Spring 2008 Semester Capstone Projects

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Petite Boutique

Petite Boutique is a Nashville boutique specializing in petite women's clothing.

Click on the image to view the client's web site.

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YrdSale4U.com is a very unique Nashville business that provides professional yardsale services including origanization, pricing, marketing, and implementation.

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Learning Reports

Both client projects were produced by the team of students listed below. Each team member contributed according to their strengths. At the completion of the semester, each student created a Learning Report. Learning Reports are student created case studies. The Learning Report documents:

  • the students' understanding of the projects
  • the role(s) they played in the project(s)
  • the obstacles they encountered
  • how they overcame those obstacles
  • how their accomplishments linked back to their curriculum.

Click on each student name below to view their Learning Reports.

The team