Types of Online Courses

NSCC faculty members havethe opportunity to develop and to teach the following courses with the approval of their dean:

  • NS Online
  • NS Hybrid
  • TN eCampus Online Courses

NS Online and Hybrid Courses are Administered by the Division Dean’s Office and instructors are supported by the Office of Online Learning.

TN eCampus Online Courses are administered by the Office of Online Learning with instructors supported by TBR TN eCampus staff. Students advised and supported by TN eCampus Coordinator/Advisor located in the Office of Online Learning suite (W-35).

Courses Eligible for Online Development

Only existing NSCC courses approved by the NS Curriculum Committee and listed in the college catalog may be developed for online delivery and not previously developed by another faculty member. Please contact your Dean or the Office of Online Learning for a list of approved courses developed by faculty from your department.