LockDown Browser Resources

Students Using an iPad

For students to use a tablet to take a test that requires the Respondus LockDown Browser, (1) the instructor must specifically allow the student to take the exam with an iPad, and (2) the student must download and install the LockDown Browser app onto their iPad.

Allow the use of the iPad Edition of LockDown Browser

  1. Login to the online course using an instructor account.
  2. Select the Respondus LockDown Browser tool (hasboard) and select "Modify Settings" for the exam.
  3. Select "Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam."
  4. Expand "[+] Advanced Settings" and select "Allow students to take this exam with an iPad."
  5. Save the settings.

Students: Download and install LockDown Browser app:

Download and install version 5.2 or newer of the "LockDown Browser" app from Apple iTunes to the iPad. (Requires iOS 7 or higher.)