Committee's Charge

The responsibility of the Committee will be to support a learner-centered program designed to further student success by making recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding:

  • Course Proposals and learning standards for online and hybrid courses
  • Ongoing faculty and staff training, development, and support in the areas of pedagogy and technology
  • Procedures and policies to improve student access
  • Assessment and evaluation of the quality of online and hybrid courses
  • Best practices in teaching online and hybrid courses
  • Implementation of accessibility standards
  • Student support services
  • Other relevant items as requested by the Vice President of Academic Affairs



  • 1 faculty representative - Business, Management, and Hospitality
  • 1 faculty representative - English, Humanities, & Creative Technologies
  • 1 faculty representative - Healthcare Professions
  • 1 faculty representative - Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics
  • 1 faculty representative - Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • 1 Faculty Senate representative
  • 1 adjunct representative
  • 1 Teaching Center representative

Staff and Administration

  • Director of Online Learning (Chair)
  • Dean representative
  • Library Representative
  • LMS Administrator or Instructional Design Specialist

Meeting Schedule