Building Engagement in Courses

Culturally responsive teaching requires high expectations for students, connecting students’ cultures and experiences to curriculum, and relating curriculum to real world experiences. This requires student engagement in courses. The professional learning sessions on this page provide multiple ways to build engagement with your students.

“Skeletons aren’t just for Halloween: Leveraging Skeletal Outlines to increase student engagement, focus, and accuracy while mastering complex content and developing better study skills.” (L, E, A, S, CRTP, ACUE)

Organizing Group Projects in Online Courses

Improving Engagement in Online Discussion Boards

Tired of “Did I miss anything?” Require a meeting when a student is absent. (S, ACUE)

How to use Slido for Building Engagement Professional Learning Session

How to use Slido for Building Engagement Professional Learning Session

How to use Google Forms for Engagement Professional Learning Session

Impacting Student’s Sense of Agency by Providing Tools That Change Their Lives

Introversion is my Superpower

Community begins with “U”: Uncovering, Understanding, and Utilizing Local Resources for Community Building.

Funds of Knowledge — Accessing the Fabulous Resources that Multilingual Students Bring to the Classroom (L, S, CRTP, ACUE)

Reflecting on Week 1 (L, A, S, ACUE)

Giving Students Meaningful Feedback (L, S, CRTP, ACUE)

Tips on Checking for Student Understanding (L, S, ACUE)

Embracing Diversity in Your Classroom: The Implicit Association Test (IAT) (L, E, CRTP, ACUE)

Invasion of Phones and Their Impacts on Learning (L, E, A, S, CRTP, ACUE)

Creating an Online Course Community from Day 1

A Few Strategies on Creating a Civil Learning Environment in Your Classroom (L, S, CRTP, ACUE)

Career Competencies in the Classroom

Community Building Week 1-How did it go?

Building Community in Your Class Starting Today (L, E, S, CRTP)

Teaching tail over teakettle: A top down experience in reversing curriculum order targeted at promoting student engagement, teaching positive mindset, and sowing love of learning

Using Results from Welcome Surveys to Build Community, Connections, and Engagement

Active Learning: a Panel Discussion on Keeping Students Engaged

“What are they thinking?” Asking for and Engaging with Student Feedback Strategically

Engagement? Understanding? It’s Possible for the Whole Class at the Same Time!

Teaching Cornell Notes as a Study Tool

Do your students take notes? Do your students take GOOD notes? Teach students to be more efficient and effective note takers.