Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI)

ChatGPT, Bard, AlphaCode, GPT-4, and more are all types of Generative AI. The Teaching Center has created this page to provide professional learning session recordings, articles, and more to help faculty learn more about generative artificial intelligence.

Resources and Articles

Guidance for classroom policy as it relates to the use of AI tools from NSCC’s AI Committee (January 3, 2023)

Tech Talk Tuesday: Bridging Minds and Machines –
A Conversation on AI

TBR is launching a monthly lunch and learn series: Tech Talk Tuesday: Bridging Minds and Machines – A Conversation on AI.

Tech Talk Tuesday’s will take place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning at 11 a.m. CST.

The purpose of Tech Talk Tuesdays is to continue our collaboration by providing an intentional platform to share what we are learning.  If you are interested in joining us, please complete the Tech Talk Tuesday Registration Form. Registration will be open until 1 hour before each session.  Participants will be sent the Teams Meeting invite after registration. If you register and are unable to join, we will send a recording of the session to you.

As a reminder, the focus is on collaborative learning, these sessions will not focus on limiting AI or policy development.

Recordings from past Tech Talk Tuesdays

ChatGPT LibGuide by Faye Jones, NSCC Mayfield Library

TBR’s AI Resource Hub: Bridging Mind and Machines: Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning

AI for Education Resource Hub

The AI for Education Resource Hub includes webinar recordings, prompt resources, and downloadable resources. AI for Education also offers a free 2-hour course An Essential Guide to AI for Educators.

Adobe Digital Literacy Café Webinar Series

The Adobe Digital Literacy Café Webinar Series provides an opportunity to enhance your digital skills and learn about the power of AI in the classroom.

Register for the Webinar Series

Oregon State University Ecampus
Bloom’s Taxonomy Revisited to Account for AI

Introduction to Chat GPT professional learning session by Doug Godwin

Using ChatGPT as an Example Machine by Katherine Sorenson

Curricular Resources about AI for Teaching – CRAFT (Project being developed about how to teach about AI) by Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education, Institute for Human-Centered AI, and Stanford Digital Education

The AI Pedagogy Project has created a guide for educators about AI assignments in the Humanities.

Teaching: Practical AI strategies for the classroom by Luna LaliberteThe Chronicle of Higher Education

Embracing Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom by Meredith Butulis, Faculty Focus

The University of Maryland’s Teaching and Learning Transformation Center and its University Libraries created a Canvas module on AI and information literacy. This course content is offered under a CC Attribution Non-CommercialLinks to an external site. license.

TextGenEd: An Introduction to Teaching With Text Generation Technologies. It was designed to support writing instructors and other faculty members who teach writing-intensive courses as they navigate the new landscape of generative-text technologies. Vee, A., Laquintano, T., & Schnitzler, C. (Eds.) (2023). TextGenEd: Teaching with Text Generation Technologies. The WAC Clearinghouse.

5 Strategies for Teaching AI Literacy to Students Faculty Club

8 Ways to Use Generative AI for Student Assessment by Dr. Anne Arendt-Bunds, Faculty Club

U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology, Artificial Intelligence and
Future of Teaching and Learning: Insights and Recommendations
, Washington, DC, 2023.

4 Steps to Help You Plan for ChatGPT in Your Classroom: Why you should understand how to teach with AI tools — even if you have no plans to actually use them. by Flower Darby, The Chronicle of Higher Education

ChatGPT, Generative AI are Wake Up Calls for Higher Education by Susan Fourtané, Fierce

A new sheriff is coming to the wild ChatGPT west by Paul Kidson, Sarah Jefferson and Leon Furze, EduResearchMatters

Case Study Faculty members’ use of artificial intelligence to grade student papers: a case of implications by Rahul Kumar, International Journal for Educational Integrity (2023) 19:9

Preparing for the Future: The Impact of AI on Higher Education ACUE

More than Half of Students Will Use AI Writing Tools Even if Prohibited by Their Institution by Rhea Kelly,

Presence of AI Content Detector Impacts Student Usage by Cecilia Buchanan,

ChatGPT: Reimagining Assessment in Higher Education by Susan Fourtané, Fierce

Artificial Intelligence to Play Instrumental Role in Future of Higher Education by Susan Fourtané, Fierce

AI and The Future of Undergraduate Writing by Beth McMurtie, The Chronicle of Higher Education

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