TILT (Transparency in Learning and Teaching)

The Transparency in Learning and Teaching (TILT) method was developed by Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Ph.D. TILT focuses on making assignments transparent and clear for students. The goal is that students understand the purpose of the assignment, how the assignment relates to the student and student’s future, understand clearly the tasks or steps required in the assignment, and understand how the assignment will be graded.

Using TILT is a fundamental step in earning the Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices Certificate from The Teaching Center. Research has shown that using TILT has positive impacts on all students and significant positive impacts on traditionally underserved populations.

Learn more about TILT by watching the professional development recordings from The Teaching Center. The TILT Higher Ed website has multiple resources for learning about TILT and how to implement TILT in course. If you are looking for examples of TILT assignments, the TILT Higher Ed website provides a multitude of before and after-TILT assignments.