The Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices Certificate from The Teaching Center

The Teaching Center is offering a Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices Certificate for the faculty of Nashville State Community College. Culturally Responsive Teaching has been defined as a pedagogy that recognizes the importance of including students’ cultural references in all aspects of learning (Ladson-Billings, 1994). Through the certificate, faculty will be able to learn about CRTP, implement CRTP, and better connect with students by using CRTP in their classes.   

The Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices Certificate provides opportunities to engage in professional development focused on Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices (CRTP) and implementing CRTP in courses. The certificate is an optional program, and there is no need to register. The Teaching Center will document hours earned towards the certificate through Google registration and Zoom attendance reports from workshops. We will notify faculty members of their progress at the end of each semester.

The criteria for earning the NSCC Teaching CENTER Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices Certificate includes professional development and implementation.

To begin the certificate path, faculty:

  • Attend a TILT Workshop presented by The Teaching Center.
  • Attend 18 hours of workshops designated as Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices (CRTP) by The Teaching Center (including in-service workshops). (TILT is a required workshop and counts as 1 hour toward the 18 hour requirement). 

To complete the certificate path, faculty will:

  • Create and implement a total of two or more TILT assignments for three course sections or use two or more TILT assignments (if provided in master course) for three course sections.
    • Note: You can implement TILT in three sections of the same course if you teach multiple sections, OR you can implement TILT in three different courses, OR you can complete any combination of these in order to implement TILT in a total of three courses or course sections.
  • Analyze your TILT course results and submit the CRTP Certificate Google form to report your results to the Teaching Center. Link to survey:

The program began in the fall of 2020. If faculty completed a NSCC TILT workshop in 2019-2020, this participation fulfills the TILT in-service requirement.

  • CRTP Certificate TILT Survey
    • Thank you for implementing TILT in your course(s).  Please complete the survey below to reflect on your experience and your students’ experiences with TILT.   This is a reflection of the use of TILT in our classes. If the data is shared outside of The Teaching Center, no names will be included.
    • Link to survey: