Did you use TILT in your course(s) this semester?  

If yes, please have your students complete the TILT Transparent Instruction Survey by sharing the survey link below with your individual sections so they can participate in the survey.   

Please introduce the survey with specific instructions including the course subject, number, and section associated with your specific course.  Reassure students that their responses are confidential, only aggregate data will be provided to instructors and staff, and survey responses will have no impact on their grades.  

If possible, having students complete the survey on their mobile devices or laptops in face-to-face, hybrid, and virtual classes will help with a robust response rate. For online courses, please provide the link in class or via email with the class subject, number, and section to ensure the results are attributed the correct course sections. 

The NSCC TILT survey now has a permanent link, which means you can embed the survey into your course shells. You won’t have to keep updating the TILT survey link every semester. The permanent link will also allow the TILT survey to be used in any term length and during the summer term.  

NSCC TILT Survey Permanent Link:
TILT Transparent Instruction Survey (surveymonkey.com)

The survey home page looks like this: