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Faculty Focus Live Podcast

The inspiration your classroom needs…The Faculty Focus Live Podcast is here to bring instructors and teachers inspiration, energy, and creative strategies that they can utilize in their everyday teaching. These episodes are perfect for your drive to work or can be integrated as a 15-minute think session to get your wheels turning before stepping into the classroom or “zooming” onto the computer screen.

Check out New Research Article coauthored by Maryellen Nash, NSCC’s Librarian

“Together, Apart: Communication Dynamics among Academic Librarians during the COVID-19 Pandemic” was published in College & Research Libraries this month. The article examines the impacts of shifting to virtual work for librarians during the pandemic and provides great insight into the impact on connectedness.

Out with Learning Styles, In with Dual Coding

by Faye Jones

In their book, Five Teaching and Learning Myths Debunked: A Guide for Teachers, Adam Brown and Althea Need Kaminske look at the pervasive myth of learning styles:

  1. Every person has their own learning style.
  2. Teaching to a student’s learning style makes a difference in how well the student learns.

What does the research say?

  1. People tend to learn in fundamentally the same way.
  2. Study after study has shown that teaching to learning styles makes no difference in learning.

What should we be doing?

  1. Pairing visual with text (dual coding) correlates with student learning. Why? Because this method provides more cues to help memory.

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