Teaching Online

The Office of Online Learning continuously provides resources to assist with teaching online. NSCC uses D2L for our online course delivery, and you can access D2L by logging in at Nashville State Community College – D2L Login Page (nscc.edu). The Office of Online Learning has extensive resources to assist with D2L.

Professional Development Sessions to Support Teaching Online

Tao of Creating an Effective Online Course (L, E, A, D, S, CRTP, ACUE)

Getting More Out of Lecture Capture with Yuja Video

Get Your Semester Started Successfully – Prepping your D2L Course

Yuja Panorama’s Online Accessibility Tool in D2L

What is Required in Teaching an Online Course? Reviewing Communication, Accessibility, and Engagement Requirements

“Let Me See”: Using the Learning Management System to Support You in the Classroom

Three Big Things I learned from the Small Teaching Online PLC (L, E, D, S, CRTP, ACUE)

Clear as Mud: Strategies for Creating D2L Content Students Want to Use (L, E, A, S, CRTP, ACUE)

Creating an Online Course Community from Day 1

Make Your Course “Smart”: Save Time and Engage Your Students Using Automation Tools in D2L

Ready, Set, GO!: Tips and Tricks for Fall Semester Prep Online

How to in D2L/elearn

Using Online Rubrics in NS Online

Setting-up and Using Intelligent Agents in your Courses