Mental Health and Self Care Resources

  • Calm App–has sleep stories, guided meditations, soundscapes, inspirations, and music.
  • Green Renaissance videos on YouTube—inspiration and life insights
  • Insight Timer App (free) sleep, meditations with timer to customize, yoga classes, and even live events with teachers you may connect with.
  • One of the things that worked for me was to get out of my own head (a fearful space!) and look for ways to connect to others and offer a helping hand when possible. We all know that social connection is important form of self-care, but the past two years have made us wary of that connection. I have the app “Coach Me.” One of the daily goals I put on there was to commit an act of kindness. I don’t always accomplish it, but the days I do, I feel much better about myself and the world.
  • Finch: Self Care Widget Pet: My daughter loves this app. She has a pet finch who goes on adventures. When she accomplishes a certain number of her goals, the finch returns and tells her stories about his adventures. She also uses the meditations to manage her anxiety.  
  • InnerHour: self-care therapy: A friend recommended this one. Said it has great meditations and breathing exercises.
  • Fabulous Daily Routine Planner: I recently downloaded this app. I’m trying to better manage my work/life balance and exercise routine and this just seems intuitive.