Assessments are a tool for measuring student leaning and growth. The professional development sessions below provide multiple tips and perspectives on how to develop assessments, edit assessments, grade assessments, and use assessments to measure your students’ learning and growth.

Formative Assessment: Strategies for Adapting a Study Abroad Course

The Portfolio: Formative Assessment

What is a PBL? Maybe you are already doing it or maybe you could do it better…

Building Assessments to Measure Student Growth and Combat Cheating

Practices that work and don’t work in STEM

Active Learning: a Panel Discussion on Keeping Students Engaged

Thinking about Grades as Conflict (L, S, CRTP)

Living freely in a haiku: Adventures in turning curriculum order in its head …

Moving Forward Through Backwards Design (L, A, S, ACUE)

“Skeletons aren’t just for Halloween: Leveraging Skeletal Outlines to increase student engagement, focus, and accuracy while mastering complex content and developing better study skills.” (L, E, A, S, CRTP, ACUE)

Clear as Mud: Strategies for Creating D2L Content Students Want to Use (L, E, A, S, CRTP, ACUE)

The Active Learning Cycle: what it is and why you should consider using it. (L, S, ACUE)

Formative Assessments

Plagiarism: Bad borrowing or inappropriate appropriation?

Tips on Checking for Student Understanding (L, S, ACUE)

Giving Students Meaningful Feedback (L, S, CRTP, ACUE)

Funds of Knowledge — Accessing the Fabulous Resources that Multilingual Students Bring to the Classroom (L, S, CRTP, ACUE)

Problem Based Active Learning

Communicate Expectations on Assignments

Grading from the Top Down

Impacting Student’s Sense of Agency by Providing Tools That Change Their Lives